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Of Poseidon-Anna Banks

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks

Rated **4.7**


Seems like this book got very mixed ratings. Cute love story. Easy Read. Funny Moments. I know for sure one moment made me laugh out loud literally. talk about awkward being out and about. The main characters (Emma & Galen) are not to like, and there love story is just hard not to fall in love with. The side characters (Rayna & Toraf) are pretty fun, and they have their own story developed through the story. However, First off, when I started reading it had me locked in. Anna Banks gave such a clear picture of the scene, and setting. Anything Mermaids, Greek Mythology related I will read. I had no idea what this book was about just ordered off a whim. and I'm so glad I did. Can't wait to run to the book store tomorrow and get my hands on the second and third book.


Syrena is basically another term for mermaid, which they don't like to be called. obviously they live underwater. but few are granted to come to land which Galen happens to be one of those lucky few. he is also a royal heir for triton's line. but of course he isn't here on land to just roam around and do nothing he's here to locate a girl who has white hair, pale skin, and who has a signature trait that the syrena people have violet eyes. He finds her unexpectedly. Something tragic happens that same day that changes Emma's life. Unfourtnely for her something else is going to change everything for Emma. Galen coincidently I think not moves to her town, and is there to convince her of her gifts, and help her accept them.